With humor, hope, candor and courage, CATERPILLAR SOUP offers an evening of
story, revealing the transformational power of loss and celebrating life in
all its messiness. Within the context of spinal cord injury, CATERPILLAR SOUP is a story of destiny and a powerful love unshaken by tragedy.

Written and performed by Lyena Strelkoff, CATERPILLAR SOUP reveals her two-year
odyssey in search of wholeness after being paralyzed, and the ultimate
triumph of her spirit. More than entertainment, CATERPILLAR SOUP is
nourishment... for the mind, heart and soul.

Written and performed by Lyena Strelkoff
Developed for the stage and Directed by Paul Linke
Music by Suzanne Teng
(Originally produced by Mikey Myers for the Ruskin Group Theater with lights by Kathi O'Donohue and sound by John Given.)

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(CATERPILLAR SOUP may not be appropriate for children under age 13.)

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